Addressing the Security Implications of COVID-19 in the Sahel region.

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As we all know, the global pandemic, COVID’19 has been on rampage, with over 1.8million confirmed cases across the world and above 114,000 death recorded. Africa currently has over 10,000 confirmed cases, with about 534 death tolls. While the number of confirmed cases in Africa is relatively low, there are great concerns about the socio-economic impact of this virus. A new McKinsey report revealed that African countries will loss about 3-8% of their GDPs in 2020 to this pandemic.

Beyond economic implications, however, there are palpable fears that security concerns might be heightened in the continent. Evidently, food insecurity is likely to heightened, crimes in local communities are likely to increase due to economic hardship imposed by this virus. Specifically, terrorism as well as transnational crimes might be another fallout of COVID’19 in Africa, especially some hot spot regions like the Sahel region.

On the first episode of African Security Talk, Abdou Rahim Lema joins Lukmon Akintola to discuss the growing trend of insecurity in the continent and how policymakers should not loss sight of these security challenges while combating the pandemic.

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