About Us

The Centre for Youth Social Development and Promotion of Amity, also known as Conflict Free
Nation (CFN), is an organization chiefly concerned with promoting sustainable peace and security in
Africa, through research, dialogue, and capacity-building programs.

We work to enhance adequate understanding of issues related to conflicts – their causes, manifestations,
as well as the narratives of the victims of these conflicts.

Through integrated programs, we share good
practices of effective peace building process and how best technology can drive a peaceful Africa.

For sustainable peace and security in Africa


The objectives of Conflict Free Nation (CFN) are as follows;
1. Producing quality research and evidence-driven insights that support policies implementation on
peace building programs;
2. Adopting technology-driven innovative ideas to promote sustainable peace and security in Africa;
3. Serving as an independent, non-ideological, and uncompromising platform for dialogues and
discussions among diverse actors in peace and security spaces;
4. Supporting the efforts of the African Union (AU) in achieving Aspiration 4 of Agenda 2063
5. Promoting peace, justice and strong institutions in accordance with the Goal 16 of SDGs

Mission Statement

Through its integrated capacity-building programs, CFN strives to contribute to reducing the spate of instability and insecurity in Africa. It is, therefore, well positioned in supporting the AU in achieving Aspiration 4 of Agenda 2063 and Goa 16 of SDGs

Vision Statement

CFN envisions an Africa where everybody enjoys sustainable peace and security

Purposes and Principles

CFN contributes to the promotion of peace and security to pave the way for, Africa’s sustainable

  • CFN respects cultural diversity and promote ethno-religious tolerance that will aid mutual
    understanding and harmony in the international society
  • CFN works in partnership with diverse actors, including both local and international
    organisations, in peace and security spaces;
  •  CFN, in the spirit of peace dialogue, participates in negotiationse and helps mediate between
    warring factions with the aim of achieving lasting peace and sustainable development

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