Our Work

Research and Publications

As a think-tank, CFN engages in evidence-based research on security issues in Africa and provide practical recommendations to address these challenges. With the support of scholars and experts, CFN provides insights on security trends in the continents.The growing spate of terrorism, widespread of Small and Light Weapons (SALW), banditry, piracy, are among scores of security challenges facing the continent.

Peace Dialogue/Advocacy

A core thematic area of Conflict Free Nation (CFN) work is to promote sustainable peace and security in Africa by facilitating discussions among scholars, security experts, and policy makers. Through podcasts, conferences and forums, we engage in informative discussions to analyse key security issues in the continent of Africa.

Peace Opportunity

Conflict Free Nation (CFN) brings you cutting-edge peace and security opportunities from across the world. Opportunities such as Master’s program, Doctoral and Post-doctoral fellowships, Conferences, internships, exchange programs, and jobs. With these opportunities, we hope young African scholars, that are active in the peace and security sector, can build their capacity and enjoy full access to world-class resources and platforms. 

Capacity Building

As part of CFN peace building process, we build capacity of young Africans and professionals through workshops and bootcamps. We strongly believe that building human capacity is one of the most effective ways to build sustainable peace and security in Africa. In the past, we have trained over 500 participants in northeastern Nigeria, most whom are survival of Boko Haram terrorist activities. 


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